Take Control..

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Does This Sound Like You?

You're life revolves around your IBS

You plan out what to wear to cover your bloated stomach, before going anywhere you need to consider where the nearest toilet is and you battle with constant fatigue

You may have tried a sugar free / gluten free / dairy free diet and felt lost and misdirected.

You've even shelled out for probiotics, but nothing works and you feel lost and upset about it.

Your symptoms are stopping you from living life like 'everyone else' and it's time to change how you're feeling.

Imagine If Life Could Look Like This..

You wake up in the morning with a flat stomach and choose what you want to wear.

You feel organised and in control - you have loads of time to prioritse a healthy breakfast.

At work, you feel energised and focused. Using the bathroom just like everyone else.

If you have a meeting - you plan your meal in as usual, there are no issues.

On your way home from work, you go to the gym or go for walk to wind down from your day

You look forward to the dinner which you organised at the weekend. You love the taste of that meal and can't wait to get home and cook it for your partner.

In the evening, you decide to take 10 minutes to relax in your own space - either reading or meditating.

When you finally hit the bed, you sleep like a baby and wake up at 7am the next day, filled with energy, to go again.

At the weekend, you go for dinner with friends - they have chosen the resturant and you can't wait try a new place.

You also use some of your free time to take a new yoga class.

Your relationship with your partner, friends and family is good. You don't snap at them and have plenty of quality time and energy for them.

Hi! I'm Kirsten

Hi! I am Kirsten Jackson a consultant gastroenterology dietitian who transforms hundreds of women, just like you who have IBS.  

My clients come to me because I too have suffered just like them and I understand IBS frustrations from both a personal and scientific standpoint.

I created a solution to IBS, 4 step proven framework that only works if you apply every step. After working 1:1 and hiring a team I decided to transform my proven framework into a course to help more of you apply the 4 step process that has helped so many of my clients.  

I have been extensively trained in the area of digestive health: I have a degree in dietetics, official training in the low FODMAP diet from Kings College London and also have a masters level qualification in food allergy.

My History and Background

I first started having digestive problems during university. I would be constantly bloated and tired, never going to the toilet 'normally' and also suffered with brain fog.

But, it wasn't 'that bad' and I easily found reasons as to why I was feeling like this. When I finally went to my doctor with my symptoms, they just said it was stress and that I should learn to manage that better.

4 years went by and I finally got all the correct tests and a diagnosis. This experience was what initially interested me in this area of dietetics - how can diet affect digestive symptoms SO much?!

Unfortunatley, the story continues. Because, while I working in the NHS, I realised that their service did not match up with the level of support needed to support an individual in achieving symptom relief.

Disappointed with the lack of services available for people with digestive problems. I decided to set up my own company in 2014 - The Food Treatment Clinic.  

This service provided indiviudals with that 110% support and guidance they required - indiviudalised care based on science.  

Through my unique approach, I was able to get a 91% success rate in symptom relief - unheard of in Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  

And, this year I transformed my proven system into an online coaching membership program.

But Why Should You Trust Me?

Find Out What My Clients Thought..

Katrin Michaels – IBS Sufferer

Manchester, aged 27 – IBS sufferer  

"I have been working with Kirsten for a couple of months now to reduce my IBS symptoms and understand where they come from. Kirsten is working with me through the FODMAP diet and for the first time in years I have been able to be nearly symptom free.

Kirsten has been really useful in explaining what I can/can’t do, answering questions and helping with support along the way. I am still going through the re-introduction phase which brings its own challenges with interpreting results and Kirsten is helping me to make sense of this. So if you need help with IBS or other symptoms I would definitely recommend Kirsten."

"I started working with Kirsten in April this year after being diagnosed with IBS, and am now coming to the end of the FODMAP reintroduction stage. I found the FODMAP diet quite a complex process, and whilst I would have got my head around the do’s and don’t’s eventually, I really think I wouldn’t have been able to make such positive progress without Kirsten’s help, advice and support – and she gave lots.  

I am now pretty much symptom-free, and have barely had tummy ache since starting (it was once an almost constant consequence to most meals). I have been able to reintroduce most FODMAP groups, and I feel really glad to be in a position of informed choices, for which I’m very grateful for Kirsten’s input.  

It was especially helpful how Kirsten gave me bite-size goals to work on each week which built up over time – being a bit of an all-or-nothing person, I think this has meant I’ve been able to make a lifestyle change which might have not otherwise happened! So big big thanks!"



This is a picture of an IBS sufferer called Savannah. And, this is a picture of her poor bloated stomach before the programme.

This is a picture of Savannah after following this programme. She felt so amazed but the results that she posted it on her personal Instagram account to raise awareness.

Check Out The Program..

  • I guide you through the low FODMAP process with videos, worksheets and downloads that I have created.
  • Weekly live Q and As with me in an exclusive private Facebook community group.
  • Accountability tasks to keep you on track and achieving your symptom relief, rather than wondering off course.

 Guaranteed Results - or your money back

You may be thinking 'what if this doesn't work?' or 'this won't work for me.' 

I know that there will be this hesitation and I also know how good my proven system is.

Therefore, I am offering a full refund at 30 days if you don't see improvements in your IBS symptoms (please see refund policy link at bottom for full details).


Understanding Y0ur IBS.

  • Getting A Correct Diagnosis (includes downloadable GP letter with instructions).
  • Finding Out What Type Of IBS You Have - being able to identify this means that you will be able to focus your changes and get results faster.
  • Monitoring Your IBS Symptoms - this is a key step in identifying triggers, but needs to be done correctly.
  • How To Control A Flare Up - often when someone has a flare up, they take actions which could worsen their long-term gut health. Being able to deal with a flare up effectively will relieve symptoms quickly, without this issue.


Living & Eating For Symptom Control

  • The Gut Brain Axis - learn how your brain can affect your gut and how to use this to your advantage.
  • Sleep & The Gut - the gut is negatively affected by poor sleep quality and quanitity, I will teach you how to solve this issue.
  • Exercise & IBS - moving, but moving in the right way is key for IBS control. 
  • Fibre - a hot topic for those with IBS, often people with IBS avoid fibre as they find it flares their symptoms. Picking the correct fibre means that you will no longer need to do this.
  • IBS Triggers - there are many IBS triggers which can make life confusing. In this section, you will learn what these are, which ones affect you AND how to control them.


Identifying Your IBS Triggers

  • The Low FODMAP Diet - the restriction phase - a 4 week period of FODMAP (fermentable carbohydrate) avoidance. This includes practical guides on recipes, label reading and easy FODMAP switches.
  • The Low FODMAP Diet - the reintroduction phase - you will be guided through a structured reintroduction process to find out which FODMAPs cause you problems AND how much of them you can tolerate.
  • BONUS Lesson - FODMAPs For Vegans - the low FODMAP diet can be restrictive for those who are vegan - but in this bonus lesson I teach you how to get around this and enjoy the same great symptom relief as everyone else.


Life After The Low FODMAP Diet.

  • Probiotics - in IBS, we know that levels of microbiota are reduced. Therefore it goes as no surprise that probiotics have been shown to really help symptoms. But which one and what about fermented foods? Each probiotic has a specific way it works and in this section we cover which ones you need to try, how to take them and when to take them. This ensures you really are getting the most for your money.
  • Reintroducing FODMAPs In The Future - As you work on the areas I have set for you, your gut will become less sensitive. In the future, this means that you may start to manage more foods. In this section we talk about retrialling your food triggers in the long-term and how to stick to your new symptom-free way of life. 

Feel Supported

Access To My VIP Facebook Group

  • Weekly live Q and As with me - to answer any queries you may have or provide any extra support you need.
  • Feel supported by the community of people who are going through exactly what you are.
  • Be made accountable to stay on track with your changes and get symptom relief.

Who This Course Is Not For?

  • If you are younger than 17 or older than 65 years old - you will need more 1-2-1 support
  • If you are pregnant - the low FODMAP diet is not appropriate 
  • If you have had a previous eating disorder - the low FODMAP diet is not appropriate and you will need 1-2-1 support
  • If you are not ready to comit to the changes needed to get symptom control
  • If you want to rely on lots of nutritional supplements - this course is based on normal day to day food
  • If you are not an IBS sufferer e.g. you have other symptoms like vomitting


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